Lighting 4 Sport (L4S) is a one-person blog which aims to shine a floodlight (see what I did there) on the world of sport.

The sport may vary from time to time but I predominantly blog about football (or soccer for those that are that way inclined).

Even more specifically I am absolutely captivated by the English Premiership and Spain’s La Liga. I also enjoy blogging about the German Bundesliga from time to time.

I spend a lot of time watching various sports from around the globe too, including the NBA, NFL, Boxing and Rugby. So if something catches my eye then there’s a chance I’ll blog about it. Get my thoughts out on the web if you will.

I try to give my view on things without being too one-sided and remaining impartial (although sometimes I may fail!).

Anyway, that’s plenty from me. Thanks for checking out the site and please share any of my articles on social media if you feel they deserve it.